Can I get an appointment without a GP referral?

Absolutely yes! We are private mental health clinic where you can get every help related to mental health without referrals and waiting months to have an appoitment. For a standard mental health consultation average avaliability for apoitment is within 7 days, for a specialist one 3 days, and for a full clinical mental health assessment no longer than two weeks. You can also book an urgent appointment even out-of hours same or the next day, if you struggling with a crisis situation.

What if I have a crisis situation but I can't afford private services?

If this is a case in some situaton we can admit you and give you appropiate care apart from the emergency, life-threatening situation - then you need to call 999 and seek immidiate help from A&E services. In other cases we can offer a significant discount or even free of charge consultation if you provide doctor's letter (referral for psychological consultation) and last statement from Universal Credit as a proof of low income.

How do I know that you are a professional practice?

Dr Robert Becker is a Fellow of Complementary Association, which is a recognised organisation of complementary medicine professionals with Fully Qualified Practitioners status. All credentials, degrees, diplomas, certificates and treatment liability insurance is thoroughly verified by the association, and the qualifications are shown on the practitioner's profile at the CMA website.

Do  you have treatment liability insurance?

Yes, our practice is insured against medical malpractice, wchich also can be verified online, and appropriate certificate is displayed in the clinic.

Are you an NHS clinic?

We are not an NHS practice, we are a private clinic. However we do cooperate with an NHS when that is required i.e. registering diagnoses, treatment plans. We also can request NHS prescriptions or sick notes for you if it's required.

We also provide full health advocating services - we can represent you in health and social care services to make sure you get the best possible care, and you are able to make an informed decision in every medical matter, we also can explain medical procedures and information regarding medicines you are prescribed. We help with some insurance issues and getting appropiate benefits if you are eligible.

If my mental health is poor, could I get a sick note?

Yes, if our psychological examination shows that your fitness to work is limited or you need to recover longer and cannot work, you can get a sick leave either requested from NHS or a private sick leave certificate from one of our GPs, alongside with information provided by the mental health consultant.

How does standard mental health consultation look like?

The standard mental health consultation is compulsory before undergoing therapy or full clinical mental health assessment. It consists of psychological examination, taking medical history, identifying risk factors, assessing all the needs and plan further actions i.e. psychotherapy and/or treatment. It is often possible to get an initial diagnosis if psychological examination shows that you meet the criteria of mental disorder, which is further verified on therapeutic sessions, feedback on prescribed treatment and observation.

Do you provide services on distance i.e. phone or online consultations and sessions?

We do not provide consultations over a phone. However we do offer the therapeutic sessions and diagnostics using Zoom video calls for people living outside Scotland. For Scottish residents we prefer all the appointments to be in person, this is for the best interest of the client.

What if I need urgent prescription and I cannot get it from my GP?

We provide private prescriptions for our clients or we can help you with obtaining necessary prescriptions from NHS. However any prescribed medicines must be in client's treatment plan which can be created only after appropiate consultation in person.