Standard Mental Health Consultation

From £ 90.00 - £120 depending on your needs
Standard mental health consultation with psychological examination, assessing all needs and planning further therapy and/or treatment.

Therapy session for adults

now from £ 90.00 for 45 minutes session
All therapy sessions, excluding those that are a part of specialist treatment. Person-centred therapy, CBT, DBT, TA and psychodynamic approach, planned with client to meet all your meets in the best possible way.

Specialist Consultation

now £ 150.00 only for up to one and half an hour appointment
Specialist consultations regarding sleep problems, addictions, relationships or autism spectrum disorder. Does not include prescriptions and advocating service.

Urgent insomnia Consultation with emergency treatment

now £ 170.00 only
Specialist consultation regarding sleep problems with basic psychological examination, sleep assessment and emergency treatment for up to 7 days and discount for follow-up appointment to provide long-term treatment if required.

Mental Health assessments

from £ 850 for MPAS-ID with Personality Inventory
Mental Health assessments for children, adolescents and adults, dependng on the need we offer various options for assessments from short 3 hrs interview assessing general mental health to the most advanced clinical assessments including personal inventory, autism spectrum screening and PTSD diagnostics.

ECG Prophylactic and Diagnostic Testing with clinician review

from £ 75.00 for Single-Lead and £90 for Multi-Lead ECG, additional £35 fee applies for clinician's review
Fast arrhythmia detecting with instant computer analysis and advanced Multi-Lead ECG with board certified cardiologist's review within 24 hrs.

Best Outpatient Addictions Treatment Programme

from £960 a month
Innovative Dr Becker's hollistic programme which is tailored to address all your needs and get you off the narcotics. Full psychiatric care, treatment, therapy and systematic physical examinations.

Short Follow-up consultation

now £80
If you only need the monitoring, continued outpatient treatment, and you can cope without a therapy, you can book follow-up consultation face-to-face or via Zoom video call.

Drug testing

from £25
Toxycology tests from urine sample detecting all kinds of narcotics, from simple and fast test for one particular drug to the advanced test for 18 markers.

Chronic fatigue treatment

from £300
Consultation with assesment regarding chronic fatigue, consists of holistic approach with physical examination including ECG, sleep assesment, psychological examination, cognitive functions assessment, Vitamin B12, Iron and inflammation tests. Consulted with the best third-party specialists and provided individual adequate treatment plan.

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